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What Is Hacking And How It Affects Social Media

November 26, 2020

Social media is currently one of the avenues that hackers use to get the information that they need for illegal purposes. That is why it is important that if you are an IG user, you need to understand what hacking is all about, how it is done, and how it can affect your online account. Now that social media platforms are everywhere, it has also attracted not only hundreds of millions of users worldwide but also hacking attacks.

The Problem with Social Media Hackers

Social media has become very prominent these days and because of this, hackers gave also grown in number. The majority of adults worldwide have at least one social media account. And this has made too many cyber criminals that are preying on vulnerable users. And many of them have experienced having their account hacked. Since this has become a common issue, people now have the fear of sharing their personal information because they do not want hackers to have access to it.

However, many are still not understanding how vulnerable they can be. For many, social media like Instagram is a means to get in touch with family and friends. They share photos and videos not seeing the possible risks that this can cause. Sometimes, they think that hackers will not see them as possible victims. That’s why they care less if they share personal details of their life online.

Common Mistakes Social Media Users Do

Another thing that people do not understand is how sophisticated technology is these days. Anything that you share online can be a reason for a hacker to be interested to have access to your account. Even though users try their best to protect their personal information, they still fail to remember that everything that they post on social media cannot be deleted. Also, they do not see the importance of having a unique password or regularly updating it for security reasons.

Some people also tend to use public WiFi hotspots when logging into their social media accounts not knowing that anyone can access their account using that hub. You should remember that anything that you place in your profile, like personal preferences, social commentary, and even political opinions are publicly exposed even if you are in full control of your settings. Also, any negative comments that you share publicly about your employer can be accessed by that employer through InstaPwn password hacker without thinking about your personal privacy.

Social media these days becomes one of the most common phishing ground of many hackers. So if you want to protect your personal information, make sure that you avoid the mistakes common users do.

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