What is a proxy server? What is the role of a proxy server?

May 17, 2019

Before starting, we must know that we often talk about proxy server, but that this is a diminutive, indeed there are several types.

I will begin by explaining to you what is the http proxy server (also called web proxy) because it is the one we are talking about the most and it is also the one we are talking about when we use the diminutive proxy. We will then see other types of proxy servers: proxy cache, transparent proxy, reverse proxy…. Click here for hideme.

Definition of the term

To begin, I think it is important to clarify that the term “proxy” can be translated by proxy, proxy, and intermediary

So, a proxy server is a server that would serve as an intermediary or a server that would be mandated to do something. Visit this site for hideme.

Role of the http proxy server (or web proxy)

We place a proxy server between your computer and the Internet, we obtain the following schema:

-your computer is connected to the proxy server,

-and it is he who is connected to the Internet.

-You request pages from this server,

-he will search the pages requested on the Internet

-and returns the requested pages.


Advantages of the proxy server

The benefits are many:

-Anonymous surfing: This is not your address that is seen on the sites, but the proxy address. You are thus “almost anonymous” or “completely anonymous”

-protecting your computer: It’s not you who are on the front line on the Internet, so you’re better protected.

-Hiding your connection location: The proxy may be in a different country than yours. When it connects to a site, it is the geolocation of the proxy that is seen, not yours. This can be useful on some sites that filters the following connections from where they came from.

-filtering: as all requests and responses go through the proxy, it is possible to filter what is allowed to go out or to enter, this is the case in many companies

The inconveniences

Which says advantages, also says disadvantages. As we have seen above, it is he who is the intermediary between you and the web, so he sees and can record everything that flows between your computer and the web, it can be risky! Just imagine that the person who manages this server is malicious. It has access to all of your browsing history.

If you use a proxy, it must be flawless because when you connect to your bank, your proxy could very well record your codes (even if they are issued in https feeds)!

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