Tips to protect your used car this monsoon

January 17, 2021
Tips to protect your used car

Monsoon might seem like a relief from the scorching heat, but it brings with it issues while driving. Maintenance and repair of used cars in Pasco becomes a lot more common and necessary in this season. This is because the road gets muddy or slippery as well as poor in this season. You should clean the vehicle properly too in this season to prevent rusting and other issues. Here is a checklist that will help you maintain your used car’s health this monsoon.

Tires: excess water can be dissipated from the tires using the treads it has. It helps to maintain the contact of the vehicle with the road. If the treads are better, then the grip is better. If your tire is worn out, then there are chances that you might lose road grip in the monsoon. So, it is needed to change your car tires at least once in four years.

Wiper blades: they help you get a view of the outside area from the car. Rubber present on the blades get hard in summer and becomes brittle. This can create scratches on the windshield. These water spots can make your vision blur during driving which can turn out to be dangerous too.

protect your used car

Extra tire: you should keep an inflated tire as a spare so that it comes in handy in case of a puncture.

Washer tank: keep a check on the fluid levels of the windshield washer in this season. You can try adding some cleaning liquid or detergent to it. This will help clean any muddy water that might hamper your view.

Stay hydrated: there can be long traffic jams in the monsoon. You might miss your lunch or dinner at that time. Keep some water and snacks in the car that can save you in this case.

Maintenance of air conditioner: keep the car’s air conditioner properly maintained in this season. This will keep you safe from the humid climate and also remove the mist that can cause issues to the visibility in this season.

These are some of the tips you must follow while driving a used car in Pasco in monsoon season.

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