Things to bear in mind while selecting background services

June 15, 2021
The Island Now

A company has to bear a lot of cost when the hiring is done wrongly. It is always advisable to do background check before hiring an applicant. The background check companies will help you to check the information such as criminal activity, identity and many others. You will find hundreds of such third party company around the world like The Island Now.  Let us discuss few features these companies should have so that it will be easy for you to choose one.

  • Accreditation and compliance: The Company must be FCRA complaint to run the background check services. It is also advised to check if the company has accredited by the top most accredited companies as they follow very strict rules and regulations. The company which has these two certifications are always among the best.
  • Accuracy: Make sure that the company which you have chosen should provide complete and accurate data in the report. The report should be arranged in such way that it is easily understandable by anyone. It is important because at last the final decision you will be taking using this report and no company would like loss a potential applicant because of the inaccurate data.
  • All checks available: This is most important feature which should be there in the company. That is it should be able to do all types of background checks and also some advance checks like drug test, heath care checks, motor driving background check etc.

What if your resource fails the background check

  • Cost: Check if your budget will match with the company cost and also check if there are any hidden charges which may cost you more.
  • Customer support: Make sure that the company should have a qualified customer support agents. Usually these companies provide customer support through email, live chat and calls. Check for the support which will be suitable for you and how good they are at that.
  • Industry package: Basically the background check companies provide services to many different types of industries. There might be so many background checks which are not required for your industries. So make sure to check if they have different packages for each industry so that all the required background check comes under one package.
  • Online services: Does the company have online services like placing your orders online and also the facility to check the results online.
  • Turnaround time: Make sure you check the time taken by them to complete one background check and do that time feasible for you.


Hope this information will help you to select the suitable background check agency for your organization.

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