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July 21, 2018

HV TECHNOLOGY, Inc. is a well-known supplier of High Voltage (HV) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test equipment. The skilled and dedicated staff strives in providing the most precise and accurate HV and EMC testing and measurement equipment and support available to customers through a strategic partnership with industry-leading manufacturers to allow the customers to increase their product’s reliability, quality, and safety.

The Conducted immunity Test Setup

Conducted Immunity Testing provides metrics for any electrical machines that have external cables. Both inside and outside the enclosure is an unintended radiator of any conductor outside the shielded enclosure of the machine. The CIT test is providing measurement on how much energy is conducted into the device when RF energy is incident on the cable. To minimize losses due to incident radio energy traveling along the enclosure antenna, test wavelengths are kept small relative to the Unit Under Test (UUT). this instrument measures energy conducted onto the cables and into the UUT and then it calculates immunity to the conducted signal.

The EMC Radiated Immunity Testing

A radiated immunity testing is designed to test the UUT to a particular intensity of RF signal that is spread across a fairly wide frequency spectrum. Checking the equipment under test operates in a broadband RF noise environment is the idea that allows confidence that real signal sources from cell phones, relays and motors operated close to the equipment don’t cause interference or faulty operation. Usual industrial test signals check amplitudes of 10V/m at a frequency range of 80 MHz to 1GHz. The compliance requires immunity to substantially higher amplitude and frequency ranges with the standards in the aviation and automotive sectors.

EMC Receiver

EMC Receivers play the most important role in the lab next to the amplifier. With lots of additional work for users, it is worth noting that the same job can be done using a good RF spectrum analyzer. EMC receiver has many tasks to perform in parallel and substantially reduce the time taken to make a measurement. The EMC receiver is the only way to go for any laboratory or qualification program that anticipates making lots of measurements as a result. From Gauss Instruments, EMC receivers have recently been updated to the multi-parallel TDEMI technology enabling its lightning-fast sweeps across the entire bandwidth that are about 64,000 times more than faster to a conventional spectrum analyzer.

HV TECHNOLOGIES is a leading EMC Equipment provider for both the private and public sectors. It offers test solutions for a variety of different applications and discovers for yourself why it is the best equipment in the market.

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