Reasons to upgrade your business phone system 

February 14, 2021
office phone system singapore

Every business replaces their desktop and PCs for about five years. But the mobile devices are replaced more frequently and especially for companies that allow employee-owned devices. Because many consumers upgrade their smartphones and tablets as soon as they qualify for carrier offers and discounts. There 6 reasons why you have to upgrade the ip pbx singapore:

  1. Cost-saving

This is the slam dunk of a selling point for s new VoIP business. It eliminates the need to maintain separate voice and data networks and helps in reducing telecom costs. With the ip pbx singapore up-gradation, you can choose the features you want and pay for the service as a monthly subscription.

  1. Valuable new features

VoIP gives users access to conference calling, call presence and call routing, and many more features. All of these functions can boost productivity and enhance customer service.

  1. Application integration

The unified communications platforms allow their users to instant message schedules and hold virtual meetings. Customer relationship management and other business applications like Salesforce, AMS 360, and Netsuite can be integrated with the phone system.

  1. Mobility

With today’s VoIP system the calls can be automatically forwarded to a mobile device and where the user can access the same tools. This is more efficient and reliable than expecting a caller to leave a message and then wait for the recipient to retrieve it.

  1. Scalability

Your business grows in terms of personnel and remote locations as the VoIP systems make it easy to add users, offices, devices without wasting time by reinventing the wheel.

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