Monster Hunt guide Know about the Heroes, Monsters, Bosses, Equipment and more!

March 14, 2018

This guide to Hearthstone Monster Hunt contains detailed information on the tracker, Houndmasters, Cannoneer and the Time Tinker Heroes of course! Also, too more about the game you can always go for FN Boosting and can get best tips and tricks and strategies in order rank well.

As per the news- the Hearthstone Witchwood is the 8th expansion that is said to themed around a spooky forest on the outskirts of the place called Gilneas. You can also play using the single-player options this time, too.

This feature is known as the Monster Hunt in the game. It is being considered as an evolved version of the Dungeon Run. This is because several players fell in love with a game during the launch of Kobolds and the Catacombs. So, here are some of the headlines about the game as we dive a little deeper into our guide.

  • Release date: it will be launched with the Witchwood expansion which is scheduled on or before 30-4-2018.
  • Heroes: You can have 4 heroes while playing the Monster hunt. These heroes are very uniquely designed and are named as Tracker, Houndmaster, cannoneer and the Time-tinker.
  • Monsters: Well, while playing the Monster Hunt you will have to fight against 8 different monsters, just like the Dungeon Run.
  • Bosses: As you can easily win by killing the various monsters in the game by using FN Boosting as a part of the service, but at last you will have to battle with a final boss. This again sounds like the Dungeon Run.
  • Cards: here, you will also have to build a deck of cards as you move ahead by selecting one the three bucket of cards as you beat a monster.

Right beyond this rough outline as mentioned above, the details are somehow very thin on the internet till not, but we wanted to put it all together just for you by covering that we know presently.

The Monster Hunt: Who are Tracker, Cannoneer, Houndmaster, and the time-Tinker?

Here are the new heroes that are coming to entertain you with Monster Hunt. They will also have their equivalent archetype in the core game. Plus, each one of them has a unique power as well as a unique pool card developed specially for you.

  • Tracker- The Rogue
  • Cannoneer –The Warrior
  • Houndmaster- The Hunter
  • Time-Tinker- The Mage


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