Keep Your Wooden TV Stand Looking Pristine With These Tips

July 28, 2017

Investing in a high-quality piece of wooden furniture adds a dash of luxury to any home, especially when it’s a wooden TV stand. Some homeowners might think that their television set looks “okay” when it’s just propped up on an ordinary table. Individuals who care about the overall design of their home think of this as unsightly as it doesn’t add any pizzazz to the area.

Buying the best wooden TV stands on the market opens up a new world of luxurious looks to the immediate space. However, just purchasing the piece of furniture won’t be enough if you don’t know how to properly take care of it. After all, wooden décor don’t clean themselves.

Protecting and Caring for Your Wooden TV Stand

 Just like any other piece of wooden furniture, your wooden TV stand needs love and care from its owners to last long enough that even your grandchildren can experience wallowing in the item’s beauty.

Don’t care for them at all, and your prime investment is just like throwing the item out the window, and your cash along with it. As such, here are some excellent tips to assist you in keeping your wooden stand for your TV as pristine as possible.

  • Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

If you bask in the glory of the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun without any protection, then you’re most likely to get sunburn.  On a similar note, if your wooden TV stand is hit with direct sunlight all the time, it’ll cause fading. It’s a smart idea to consider the location of the stand first before attempting any purchase to make sure that the location is ideal for the wooden furniture.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Wooden TV stands might be very durable as it can withstand bumps and scrapes, but they’re very susceptible to changes in temperatures, especially in the immediate surroundings. As such, move the stand away from heat and air vents, radiators, and air conditioning units.

  • Don’t Use Plastic or Rubber Materials

Aside from your television set, what do you usually place on top or inside one of the stand’s containers? If you place notebooks, lamp bases, placemats, and other items made of rubber or plastic, then these things might damage the finish of the wooden piece of furniture. Certain plastic and rubber materials contain ingredients that might put harm to your TV stand made of wood.

  • Rotate Items Sitting on the Stand

If you don’t like rearranging your stuff, then it might be high time to start doing it, especially when your wooden TV stand is of the primary concern. For example, if you have a lamp with a circular base that sits on top of the TV stand for weeks, months or even years, and it’s in that exact spot since you bought the item, then it might leave a ring that might be a pain to eliminate.

Periodically rotate the items sitting on top of your TV stand to avoid damaging the finish. If you don’t want to do rearrange your stuff because you think they’re already at the perfect position, then consider using pads, felt, or pieces of cloth to protect the surface of the furniture.

Making sure that your wooden TV stand is spick and span can help protect your expensive investment from an early grave.

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