Job Interview: Respond Well to “Why Should We Hire You?”

January 21, 2020

During an interview, we are faced with a certain number of standard questions, including the famous “According to you, why should we choose you?”. Here are the tips  to avoid the misstep and score points.

Why should I choose you?” :

This is the dreaded and dreaded question of every interview. And for a good reason: it puts you in an uncomfortable position, where you have to sell yourself to the recruiter by putting yourself in his place, and explaining to him why in his eyes you should be the best candidate for the job And this reversal of roles is far from easy.

But as frightening as this question may be for you, it is essential that you practice answering it with ease: it is extremely revealing of your ability to convince, your self-confidence, and your motivation — three elements which, obviously, play a preponderant role in a job interview. We, therefore, give you a few tips for brilliantly answering this trick question.

How to respond:


The best way to answer is to get to the point. It is a direct question, which calls for a direct answer. Don’t waste your time stammering or procrastinating: take a moment to compare the job description with your skills and what you have been able to accomplish in other positions. Be positive, and take advantage of this question to highlight your strengths and reiterate your interest in the job and the company.

Explain why you are fit for the place

If this question is regularly asked in an interview, it is because it allows the recruiter to quickly see if you know how to develop your skills and your motivation. The best answer is, therefore, a clear statement of your strengths, what constitutes your “added value” for the company

To prepare for this aspect of the question, make a list of requirements for the position, including the personality, skills, and level of qualifications that are required of candidates. Then make a second list where you will try to find out what makes you meet each of these requirements. This process actually helps you build your profile based on the job, and therefore by emphasizing how much you “match.”

Stay concise

Your answer should not be more than a minute or two: you should try to stay as concise as possible, so as not to give the impression of fumbling or getting lost in rantings. Remember that with this question, you are asked to make a sales pitch, which should make the recruiter want to buy the goods – you, in this case. Your answer must, therefore, be short and effective: as in trade, do not take the risk of losing the attention of your “customer” by being too long.