Industrial Rope Access – What To Know

December 27, 2019
rope access Singapore

Industrial rope access needs specialists who are highly versed with these techniques of the rope work and access difficult locations. The method is highly used in industry work where the cradles, aerial and scaffolding work platform cannot be used. Technicians who make use of this method will ascend, descend or traverse ropes for the better access as well as work when staying suspended by the harness.

The workers also can use seat to position better. Use of harness or rope ensures there is not any option of falling. Rope technicians generally make use of the secondary support like arrest fall system if the primary support fails. Therefore, there are 2 ropes for supporting these technicians – working line or safety line.

Use of rope access system

It’s commonly used in a few applications, which include inspecting, surveying, maintenance, and more and in the construction work of bridges, dams, geological slopes, towers, buildings as well as industrial plants. The survey or inspection is common applications that need industrial rope access Singapore especially cutting, handling and welding heavy materials. They are done by the rope access experts who is adhere to the specialized procedures. But, there are different industry safety norms, which include some criteria like:

  • There must be fail-safe descent when working with support of ropes.
  • All equipments or tools must be attached by the lanyards to harness of workers to make sure safety to people working.
  • Technicians should have two attachments and must have the independent harness point.
  • Every technician must be assessed independently.

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