How to win your first free bitcoin

December 4, 2019
free bitcoin

Unbelievable? Not that much! For a few years now, websites have allowed you to earn free bits of bitcoin in exchange for clicks. Despite the mistakes of the course Bitcoin wyniki lotto, there is still time to get started!

A phenomenon that is gaining momentum

What do you do when you have a few minutes to spare? (Waiting room of the doctor, station, airport, metro station. If some leave their smartphone to consult their messaging, to answer the messages and to slide on the fashionable video game, others undertake to make fruitful this free time by going to win small bits of bitcoin, wyniki lotto  simply by letting appear advertisements. Would not the phenomenon be spreading and becoming a real fashion?

Bitcoin Faucet: websites that earn bitcoins

As the formation of bitcoin, the figure of websites that offer to win free of tiny parts of this precious “currency” continues to multiply. Should we consider their creators as generous donors or promoters of bitcoin? Certainly not, far from it. The accounting logic here has its place behind the most attractive commercial screen. Should we all consider them shameless traders? The answer must be nuanced, case by case. So what are they? What are the risks? challenges? the difficulties? Here we will give you the keys to truly embrace a winning strategy before embarking on the free bitcoin rush!

How to get free bitcoins

Better known in the United States under the name of bitcoin faucet, these sites, often written in English, offer you the opportunity to win, at regular intervals, a number of satoshis (the minimum division value of the bitcoin is the satoshi, eight ranks behind the comma, ie 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC).

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