How to Make a Bridal Bouquet

October 29, 2019

As a bride, it is good that you know some things that will help you choose the right flowers, shape or appearance of your wedding bouquet. Therefore, you can tell the florist what you expect from the bouquet, or you can make your own bouquet for the bride.

bridal bouquets

Here are some tips to make a bridal bouquet:

  • The bridal bouquets should be easy to hold
  • The height of the bouquet does not exceed 10-15 centimeters, so it will not cover the bride.
  • The bouquet must follow the lines of the bride’s body and not exceed it.
  • So you can’t see the cable with which you tied the flowers in a bouquet and make sure that the ends of the cable do not damage the hands of the bride (that is, the cables are bent and full through the stems).
  • Stems should not have a raccoon.
  • The bouquet should not contain spots on the bride’s dress (for example, lily pollen).
  • The bride’s bouquet should resist and be fresh throughout the wedding day.
  • The green material should not smell bad and will not use targets (a type of chrysanthemum).

A round bouquet is made of one or several types of flowers, but must be harmonious in colors and shapes. Given the different shapes of flowers, the largest should be central. This wedding bouquet fits a short and young wedding dress and does not fit a thick bride, because this form emphasizes the deficiencies of the bride.


A bridal bouquet must be very persistent, because the bride carries everything, and there is also the practice of throwing a bouquet. Therefore, there are some special techniques to compress colors. They can be tied, sewn or joined.

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