How To Have A Perfectly Polished Nails?

August 17, 2019
Geles constructores

Nail beautification becomes trending nowadays. A lot of women are going to a parlor just to have a manicure. They wanted to make their nails look beautiful. How can they make it? By applying nail polish on the cleaned nails, it makes it look neat and clean. But, there are different kinds of nail polish to choose from. There are nail polishes that are easily removed. So now, are you planning to make a little twist on the application of nail polish? Why not take nail polishing that can last for 2 weeks? Indeed, you might get curious about how it is possible. Take time to read through this content and learn how to have super-stay colorful nails. The trending polishing in today’s generation is loved by a lot of women.

Geles constructores

The best option for your nails

A lot of alternatives available to have a beautiful nail. Colores semipermanentes gives a promising colorful and bright nails for a longer stay. This is the best option when you don’t want to have a weekly manicure routine. Indeed, a weekly manicure can maintain a beautiful appearance of fingernails. But, some women are afraid of having a weekly nail cleaning. They are worried because they have thin nails that others are not. Yes, some people have thick nails, which has no problem when doing a weekly manicure. But, sad for those who have thin nails. But, this new trend of nail beautification has been embraced by the new generation. Mostly, teenagers loved the way how this type of polished is done. Matte colors are the most requested colors applied on the nails.

Semi-permanent manicure

A semi-permanent manicure is most requested by women today. This is a perfect gel polish for those who don’t want to go for a weekly beauty salon. This is perfect for those busy people. This latest trend is vital for women. The prolonged duration of the polish is most requested manicure recently. It doesn’t cause any damage to the natural nail. Plus, this is much cheaper over the acrylic nails. You will probably see a big difference from the old style of manicure. The old style of manicure does a step by step procedure. The manicurist will cut, file, apply a cuticle remover to clean the nails. But, the application of the semi-permanent colors on the nails differs from the old style. The base, nail polish, and gloss will be easily dry in seconds under a LED lamp or UV lamp.