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Here’re three lesser-known features of WhatsApp

December 28, 2020
Best Whatsapp Quotes For Profile

WhatsApp is estimated to be used by more than two billion people worldwide. However, there are several features that users simply fail to explore in the messaging application. You spend time and select the Best WhatsApp quotes for profile. But, do you know about WhatsApp status privacy settings, the app’s typewriter font, and how to play voice messages on a call speaker instead of the loudspeaker?

Editing privacy settings for WhatsApp status

Some users do not want all their contacts to see their WhatsApp status. Thankfully, there’s an option to let only selected contacts see the content. Users can either select specific contacts to allow them to view the status or choose those who should not be able to see the same.

Best Whatsapp Quotes For ProfileBest Whatsapp Quotes For Profile

There are two ways; the first option is to click on status, then the three dots on the top and the app will show the status privacy option. Click on the same, and you will see the three options, “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Except,” and “Only Share With.” Another option is within the main settings menu. Click on settings, then account, followed by privacy, and finally, select status. Selecting the My Contacts option can be the right alternative in case if you often post the Best WhatsApp quotes for profile.

Using typewriter font on WhatsApp is simple

Open a chat window, go to the symbols option, then type grave accent symbol (`) thrice, type your message, and again type the symbol (`) thrice and send the message. For example, if you wish to type a message, “WhatsApp is owned by Facebook,” you should type “`WhatsApp is owned by Facebook` “and send the message. It will automatically convert to typewriter font while sending. Using this font can prove to be impressive as most users are unaware of the same.

Using voice call speaker for listening to voice messages

Several messaging app users around the world appreciate using the voice message feature rather than typing text. The only problem is that the app automatically plays voice messages on the loudspeaker, and everyone around you can hear the same. Fortunately, there’s a way to listen to these messages privately. A built-in feature in WhatsApp detects how you hold the handset. If you hold it next to your ear like you do while making a phone call, the application automatically plays the voice message in the voice call speaker instead of the loudspeaker. Basically, you just need to play the voice message and hold the phone next to your ear to listen to the message on the voice call speaker.

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