Getting the right drug rehab clinic is essential for effective long-term recovery

July 27, 2020
drug addiction treatment center

All the different types of facilities usually offer several options, including hospitalization, outpatient treatment, accommodation, and detoxification, with long- or short-term options. The methods used in these various institutions differ from the well-known 12-step method, as well as individual or group psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, personalized addiction counseling, behavioral therapy, and multidimensional family therapy.

It’s important to honestly determine your current addiction level and then seriously consider one of the following types of clinics:

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

These centers are an excellent option for people with moderate to severe drug addiction and a long history of abstinence attempts. Treatment methods can be for a short period of time from 1 month to six months or more. This is based solely on the requirements of each patient. Inpatient centers are often located in licensed hospitals, which means that the costs associated with this type of care are slightly higher than in other types of centers.

Residential drug rehabilitation centers

This type of institution offers a more relaxed and informal environment, which, for example, cannot offer treatment in a hospital setting. Accommodation can be provided in rural areas or other similar locations, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. These specific settings provide a better sense of family collaboration than other types of settings.

Outpatient and polyclinic rehabilitation clinics

These types of clinics are designed for patients with mild to moderate dependence and shorter experience of substance abuse. Most of these clinics allow the patient to actually live in their own home with the family and continue to work while undergoing treatment. A person’s adherence to treatment is the best indicator of the continued success of this type of treatment.

drug addiction treatment center

Detox centers

In general, drug addiction treatment center is not exclusively focused on the detox segment of the treatment program. However, choosing a center with a proper detox program can mean the difference between success and failure for an individual. Some centers use traditional methods, while others focus on new tactics, such as detoxifying the patient under general anesthesia under the guidance of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Long- and short-term installations

This type of facility offers long-term or short-term inpatient, outpatient or inpatient care, while some offer only a small combination of options. For example, retirement facilities only offer short 1-month treatment options. In a hospital setting, a hospital is provided only for a longer period of 5-6 months. The two most important factors in determining whether short-term or long-term medical attention is required are the severity of the dependence and the length of the substance dependence history. The greater the severity and the longer the history, this often means that a longer-term program or remedy is needed, while a shorter, less severe history of addiction can be handled with more rigorous methods in a shorter time frame.

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