Everything You Need to Know About SVG Animation

January 25, 2021

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG is an XML based format that is used widely for animation plus two-dimensional graphics. If you are active on social media, you would distinguish how GIFs are loved by persons and to what extent they have been used by websites as well as brands for promotional activities. Even although SVG animation is not as common as GIF, we can expect it to take over GIF very soon because of its much better features. One of the greatest things about SVG animation is that it very clear even if you zoom it. Learning about SVG animation is not hard since you have a lot of online tutorials. Even so, for instantaneous help, you can always take help from SVGator, a website for SVG tools.

What is svgator?

SVGator is a platform where you can create SVG animations in just three steps: Import, animate, as well as export. Even a non-technical individual can make their SVG clips with the help of SVGator. You can just set up keyframes or use the already made presets to create your SVG animations. If you want to play with the codes, you could always view plus edit the automatically created code according to your expediency.

Even though SVGator was launched in October 2017 it has developed a great deal within just a few months owing to the new features that were added to it like Ease effects, Transform origin, and the alternative to Animate on MouseOver. You can use SVGator even if you do not have any idea about graphics. On the other hand, professional designers plus developers use SVGator as it is the first-ever SVG tool that will permit them to download a single SVG file by clean code.

Why SVgator?

We live in a world where persons are finding more and more methods to convert traditional ideas into digital ideas. SVG animations would be a path-breaking concept if people understand their potential. In simple terms, we could say that SVG is the future.

Using SVG is very simple plus easy since the coding can be understood by anyone. Even then, if you do not want to get into coding, you can take the aid of an SVG tool provider like SVGator who will aid you get SVG images with just a few clicks.

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