Effective tips for renovating Your HDB flat

February 2, 2021
3 room hdb renovation package

It’s only normal that you want to feel relaxed with your flat and express your character. In an HDB apartment, where you and a hundred of your neighbors share the same floor plan, this can be a bit of a challenge – but it is not impossible! To help 3 room hdb renovation package an exciting, personalized living room, here are some simple tips.


The best colors for small flats include pale pastels, light neutral earth tones, and whites. Dark colors give a room a claustrophobic and gloomy feeling, while light colors encourage a spacious, airy feeling. Try using light green or sage to match for wood furnishings in living rooms and kitchens, and pale blue to facilitate a restful sleep in a bedroom.


Any small flat would benefit from 3 room hdb renovation package being added. Choose furniture that incorporates multiple purposes – for example, a bed built with drawers, or a coffee table with built-in bookshelves – to avoid making you’re flat feel congested.


Using some bold contrast to express your multi-faceted personality. Add a vibrant color with a throw of pillows, or a brightly painted piece of furniture that offers the room a spacious, contemporary feel.


Keep the floors clean to create a feeling of spaciousness in your apartment. This means preventing overuse of surface rugs, making use of floating or built-in shelving as much as possible, and selecting floor coverings that fit or enhance wall colors.


Track lighting is a great choice in small rooms. Using window coverings to enhance openings, rather than conceal them. Install a few mirrors to reflect natural light and shows the effect of light fixtures.

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