August 1, 2017

Has it ever been a fantasy of yours to control your own kingdom? Or maybe you just like the idea of expanding something small into something powerful No matter what your fantasy is, you’ll most likely fulfill it with Clash of Clans. To those living under a rock, it is a game that has been rocking the mobile world with its stunning graphics and simple yet fun game play.

Clash of Clans is all about strategy. The objective of the game is straightforward – build a kingdom and takeover as many others you can. It is simple but it isn’t easy. As soon as you play the game you’ll notice how devilishly deceptive the cute looking characters are. It’s a game on the best planners can win in. If you’re not, it surely can teach you how to be.

Little by Little

All great kingdoms start small, and the game brings you to a similar situation. You don’t have a massive army under your rule and all you have is land – no buildings, no fortress, just acres and acres of land. This can be your mobile blank canvas to which you can paint a medieval masterpiece on. You are simultaneously a king and an architect building the kingdom from the group up. If you use the guide Castle Clash Hack then you’ll grow bigger even faster.


After a while, you’ll start to see your kingdom grow. You have a fleet of Barbarians under you. Plus, your barricades look threatening. You’re confident with yourself so you start to attack the Goblin kingdom. You notice the first one or two kingdoms are no big deal. But, when you get to the bigger enemy fortresses that’s when you run into a bit more difficulty.

 Conquer Quests

With harder levels, the name of the game is anticipation. You need to know what your enemy is using so you know the proper offense and defense to deploy. Having the Castle Clash Hack can be a great help in the conquers. After a while, you’ll be able to upgrade your fleet and firepower enough to overtake any ruling kingdom.

Always Have a Plan

The core of Clash of Clans is real strategy. It requires you to pay attention to what your enemy is doing so you can give the best counter attack. Each choice is an important one so make sure it’ll only make your kingdom better.





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