Are you looking for International Advanced levels?

December 26, 2020
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You can try in one of the Institute for International Advanced Levels which is Insworld institute. They offer a gce a level programme to the students and the period is for 18 to 22 months to prepare students for this level. The programme is administrated by the Pearson Edexcel which is a fully accredited UK Examination Board and Awarding body. This institute is really good on its enrolment dates which are given to the students, their delivery programmes and the exam dates. They are also flexible for some exceptional candidates to complete the programme in a short period of time.

The Pearson Edexcel IAL programmes are usually modular and help the deliveries of these programmes. The duration of the exam is more flexible and always suit the requirement of the candidate. The modular factor of this programme allows more concentration on some specific results as well as assessment goals.

In the GCE A-level, a candidate can select three or four subjects

The selection of the subjects depends upon the candidate’s choice and the subjects which are provided in the GCE A-level is accounting, art and design, chemistry, economics, English language, psychology, history, mathematics, further mathematics, English literature, pure mathematics, biology, business studies, Chinese, physics and applied information communication.

If you want to more about the institute, then you can visit their website and they will clear your doubts regarding the subjects and programme. A candidate can also select to study any combination of subjects.

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